City Council Meeting 9/12, 6pm to Address Boonton Reservoir Public Access Plan

Tonight is an extremely important night for residents of Jersey City. The controversial Boonton Reservoir Public Access Plan, proposed to be managed by the Morris County Park Commission with consulting from Open Space Institute (OSI) and GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc., will be addressed in its first reading at the Jersey City Municipal Council meeting. We believe that a vote on the issue is premature as the City Council has not yet received the recommendation of the Jersey City Environmental Commission.

Last week, on September 4, the Jersey City Environmental Commission (JCEC) held a special meeting to hear speakers from OSI and GZA present the proposal for the Boonton Reservoir Public Access Plan. Members of the Board of the Jersey City Reservoir Preservation Alliance were in attendance, among several representatives from local organizations in Jersey City as well as independent residents. The information presented shed a lot of light on the current condition of the source of our drinking water and the overall lack of site management that currently exists there.

Overall, there was a lot of good information brought up that the public needs to hear. As of yet it has not been fully publicized by the JCEC; their meeting to vote on their recommendation to the City Council is not until September 18. Just last night the City Council heard this same presentation from OSI and GZA. More time is needed for both groups to deliberate on the issue, for OSI to return with answers to questions presented to them, and for the public to become fully informed on this issue.

We thank those of you who have come out in support of the Jersey City Reservoir Preservation Alliance and Reservoir #3 with regards to this important issue. It has helped us in partnering with the City of Jersey City- we are starting to make progress towards emergency repairs on Reservoir #3. We want to be sure that we are the City's priority for open space, so as to benefit the largest number of residents here.

Please continue to stand with us and to let your representatives know that we wish to see a firm commitment towards Reservoir #3, especially if the City will be committing to moving forward with the Boonton Reservoir Public Access Plan. Regarding tonight, remind them that is imperative that this decision be made pending a recommendation of the JCEC experts, and ask them to table this vote until the following meeting.

  • 9/12 Meeting Agenda - the Boonton Reservoir Public Access Plan is the first item to be addressed

  • City Ordinance 18-104 - proposed ordinance authorizing Lease Agreement with the Morris County Park Commission

The meeting is scheduled for 6pm tonight and will be located in the City Council Chambers, second floor. City Hall is located at 280 Grove Street, in the downtown Grove Street neighborhood bordering Paulus Hook. We hope to see you there! #SaveJCR3


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